Strangles and Herpes

(23. maj 2018 19:18)

Dear riders, parents and families,

due to the current danger of strangles and herpes throughout Demark and Germany, we kindly ask everyone who is riding in other equestrian centers to only access Stutteri Vestkysten with freshly washed and disinfected clothes and shoes. Also helmets and chaps need to be disinfected. Strangles is a highly contagious infectious disease and can lead to the death of a horse in about 10% of cases. Herpes causes death in over 5-10% of cases. Many owners of equestrian centers keep the diseases secret to avoid panic. Therefore, we ask you all in the interest of our operations and especially in the interest of our horses to follow the mentioned safety measures.

We reserve the right to send riders home that stand out by unwashed clothes. Luckily, our horses are all safe and sound and we would like this to remain. Thank you very much for understanding, especially in the name of our horses!

Til forside
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