Our horses

Álfur fra Vestkysten
[elf, goblin, a gentle and kind being]

Álfur is a chic bay gelding, who pledges to become a nice tour horse just like his mother Grámana. He will start his training as a 6 year old. So far, he is showing four gaits.
Andvari vom Hof Gladur
[breeze, watchfulness, an ancient dwarf's name]

* 01.01.2005
Andvari is a lovable leisure partner with a strong personality. Even slightly skilled riders can have a lot of fun with him. He is a very reliable horse for the calm tours.
Árrođi fra Vestkysten

* 14.07.2015
Árrođi is a nice young gelding, who is going to be a friendly, faster riding horse, just like his mother.
Baldur frá Skíđbakka
[gods' darling, old Norse God of the light, brave, courageous]

* 01.01.1998
Baldur is a very rideable horse. He adjusts himself to his rider. He is a well-trained five-gaiter, who masters tasks like trail courses, going as a near-horse, and even knows exercises from trainer courses. Unfortunately, he suffers from sweet itch and is allergic to any kind of hay and dust.
[male name]

* 24.05.2010
Benjamin is a big, burly, grey gelding with a lot of tölt. So far, he went on calm tours under skilled riders. For the future, we expect him to show significantly more temperament.
Bersi fra Blavand
[polar bear, old male name, the bear]

* 21.05.2005
Bersi is a big and strong five-gaited all-rounder. As a tour and leisure horse, he behaves very safely and courageous in any situation. He is always up for a faster tour into the terrain.
Birna fra Burgĺrde

* 16.05.2002
Birna is a strong mare of medium height. She is four-gaited with a clear and very comfortable tölt. Currently, she is ridden as a tour and leisure horse, but has the potential for light competitions if trained respectively. Her medium spirit, her rideability and her dauntlessness make her the perfect family horse.
[little bell, bird name, great black-backed gull]

* 01.01.2003
Bjalla came to us as a young horse after suffering from bad keeping in her old home. Here, she became a fine-built five-gaiter of medium height, always bubbling with spirit. Her rhythmic tölt and her flying pace are very popular. However, she is a sensitive horse for advanced riders only. Due to an accident, she unfortunately lost her left eye, which does not restrain her at all. A good horse for the fast tours and the tölt tour, which does not want to be left alone.
Bjartur fra Vestkysten
[bright, shining; old male name]

* 06.05.2011
Bjartur is a young gelding in a very nice color with a blue eye. In his first training lessons, he behaves calm and very reasonable. He is four-gaited with a lot of tölt.
Black fra Mřlhřjgĺrd

* 24.07.2008
Black is, as her name reveals, a black mare. She is four-gaited and very fine. Because of that, she is a horse only for very skilled riders on the fast tours. Her tölt is very easy to ride.
Blika von Adlerhop
[cloud bank]

* 27.05.1991
Blika is a spirited and sensitive five-gaited mare with a clear, four-beated tölt, nice trot, slightly walked canter and a fast pace. She is a safe and very composed horse for the terrain. For now, she is only deployed for breeding.
[flash, shining, jet of flame (pen)]

* 07.07.2000
Blossi is a big, strong and calm four-gaiter without trot. He has a big and ever-growing fan club that appreciates his tranquility and his comfortable gaits. Blossi is a horse that forgives mistakes and can be ridden by nearly everyone.
[one who travels by day; Dagfari and Náttfari were the sons of Sćfari]

* 26.05.2002
Dagfari is a big and strong weight carrier horse with a calm and nice spirit. He is five-gaited with equally distributed and clearly separated gaits. Since he is fearless, safe and strong, he carries mostly firm beginners, but always stays sensitive on the bit.
Dagur fra Vestkysten
[the day, in Norse mythology, Dagur is the son of Högni (=the night)]

* 15.07.2010
Dagur is a strong palomino gelding with tölt. Currently, he is in his training to become a tour horse. So far, he keeps trying to assert his strong character.
Dásemd fra Vestkysten
[glory, wonderful thing]

* 18.05.2011
Dásemd is a chic, four-gaited chestnut pinto mare, who gave birth to a foal that is just as beautiful as her. Her next step is going to be the training to become a riding horse. Due to her nice movements, she has high ambitions for competitions.
Dimmalimm fra Vestkysten
[name of a fairy tale princess]

* 27.06.2013
Dimmalimm is a young bay pinto mare, showing a lot of tölt.
Dögg Perla fra Třndborg 1

* 04.05.2010
Dögg Perla is a young, strong and five-gaited grey mare who is a very reliable horse for the calm tours. Currently, she is in training and learns how to tölt.
Dvalinn von Rungholt
[name of a dwarf]

* 15.05.2003
Dvalinn is a big and strong five-gaiter with nice movements. He appears as a good family horse who is always friendly in terms of handling and riding. He stays very nice to his riders, as long as they do not put too much pressure on him.
Eldlilja fra Vestkysten
[fire lily]

* 07.05.2017
Eldlilja is a chestnut foal with star and very chic movements in all gaits.
Elgur fra Vestkysten
[elk, slush, foam, rushing]

* 28.05.2012
Elgur is a big and strong chestnut gelding with chic movements. He currently starts his career as a riding horse.
Fáni fra Vestkysten
[flag, bright, shining, with blowing mane]

* 10.05.2010
Fáni is a chic gelding in the color smoky black cream pinto. He shows great movements and cooperates a lot with his rider, but unfortunately, he is an absolute one-woman-horse. Due to his nice and wide movements, he will rather pursue a career as competition horse.
Fegurđ frá Egemose

* 12.06.2005
Fegurđ is a very fast, five-gaited mare with flying pace. Due to a long-lasting damage she is no longer a riding horse, but enjoys her life as breeding mare.
Fengur fra Vestkysten

* 09.06.2013
Fengur is a nice young gelding. He is a chestnut pinto with blue eyes.
Fífilla fra Vestkysten
[dandelion flower]

* 08.05.2012
Fífilla is a pretty palomino mare with a lot of spirit. Currently, she is becoming a riding horse and will probably go on the fast tours in the future.
Fló vom Südstrand

* 01.07.2004
Fló is a small, slim and petite five-gaiter, who is very cooperative in terms of handling and riding. Under the rider, she seems to float instead of walking. She already took part in youngster class competitions and has passed a trainer-c assessment. Fló is perfectly suited to be an easy-to-ride sport horse for children and adolescents, with very nice movements and rhythmic, well-separated gaits. Because of her good characteristics, she is deployed for breeding.
Flokka vom Steinadlerhof
[category, to scroll, grade, to range]

* 10.06.1996
Flokka is a spirited, five-gaited mare with a preceding competition career. Due to former leg issues, she may spend her retirement time on the meadow.
Flugsćl fra Vestkysten
[the one who finds pleasure in running]

* 04.07.2009
Flugsćl is a very spirited, five-gaited mare who exactly knows what she wants. She is nice to ride and will go on the fast tours.
Forest vom Sonnenhof

Freydís frá Tunguhlíđ
[goddess associated with Freyr or Freyja]

* 01.01.1986
Freydís is, despite her age, a spirited five-gaited mare, who has tried to please her ride ever since. In her youth, she was a great competition horse. By now, she enjoys her well-deserved retirement on the meadow.
Friđa fra Vestkysten
[darling, the pretty one]

* 11.05.2011
Friđa is a chic, five-gaited mare with a rapid pace. She has already passed her training as riding horse, but is currently awaiting a foal.
Frostrós frá Röđli
[frost pattern]

* 01.01.2002
Frostrós is a four-gaited mare, whose tölt is reserved for tölt-experienced riders only. However, her trot is very comfortable too. She is a very nice family and leisure horse, that carries beginners safely on the tours.
Fylgja vom Ökoland Rose
[familiar spirit]

* 01.08.2014
Fylgja is a young, petite and very friendly black mare. After a rough start into life, she can enjoy her youth with us.
Galdur fra Vestmose 1
[unmanageable, an unconntrollable foal often grows into a good horse]

* 14.04.2009
Galdur is a big, strong chestnut dun gelding. He is a reliable horse for the calm tours and is a great beginner horse for adults.
Ganti fra Nylund 1
[joker, jester]

* 03.06.1993
Ganti is a strong and very spirited five-gaiter. At the same time he is so nice and endearing that he used to carry small children in the beginner lessons. After multiple tendon injuries he stays with us and enjoys his retirement.
Glampi frá Flögu
[shining, glittering]

* 01.01.1993
Glampi is an expressive four-gaited stallion with high and wide movements, rhythmic tölt up until race speed, as well as a highly jumped canter and flying trot. He is a dream in terms of handling and can be ridden by everyone. Towards his mares, he is a true gentleman. Glampi is the father of many good Icelandic horses and our sire of a very promising breed.
Gletting fra Vestkysten
[joker, provocation]

* 10.06.2015
Gletting is a humorous, young, five-gaited chestnut mare. Currently, she is still very small.
Gná fra Vestkysten
[Goddess of gold]

* 14.06.2013
Gná is a young, four-gaited, slightly particular palomino pinto mare.
[with a grey mane]

* 09.06.2002
Grámana is a nice, big, four-gaited mare. She prefers a swinging trot, but is also able to career slowly and collected.
Hamingja fra Vestkysten

* 01.07.2007
Hamingja is a strong, four-gaited mare of medium height. Her extraordinary color makes her a true eyecatcher. In her training, she behaves very reserved and cautious, but cooperative. Due to her striking color, she is deployed for breeding. She already gave birth to a very chic black foal with one blue eye and is currently pregnant again.
Hjálmur frá Syđri-Reykjum

* 15.06.2014
Hjálmur is a big, nice and slightly shy gelding with very good movements.
Hnýsa vom Holtdorftal

* 13.07.2017
Hnýsa is a petite black foal with one blue eye and a blaze. She already moves around on the meadow very independently.
Hnokki frá Hrafnhólum
[young lad, small horse]

* 01.01.1988
Hnokki is a very sensitive and spirited four-and-a-half-gaiter with former spectacular, high and wide movements. He is an absolute one-woman-horse, who will do everything for his rider if he trusts him. Hnokki is completely fearless, but he does not forgive mistakes made by his rider. After a great career as a competition horse, he enjoys his retirement alongside with occasional fun rides or sleigh tours.
Hríma frá Reykjavík
[hoar frost]

* 01.01.1992
Hríma is a big, five-gaited mare with a rather calm spirit. She shows clearly separated gaits and wide movements, which lost their height after a leg fracture. Our guests love her because of her reliability, rideability and comfortable movements. Meanwhile, she only carries very light riders on the calm tours.
Hrímnir fra Vestkysten
[hoar frost]

* 24.06.2014
Hrimnir is a young, nice and big five-gaited grey gelding.
Hugi frá Vestmose 1
[the brave, old male name]

* 16.04.2009
Hugi is a big, elegant five-gaiter with wide movements and an appealing color. He carries short riders on the calm tours. It is difficult for him to find the trot.
Hvellur fra Vestkysten
[bang, penetrating, shrill noise]

* 09.07.2009
Hvellur is a small, strong, five-gaited gelding with very high movements. He has difficulties finding the trot.
Ísjaki fra Vestkysten
[ice floe, growler]

* 10.07.2013
Isjaki is a big grey pinto gelding.
Isólfur fra Vestkysten
[ice wolf, male name]

* 03.01.2011
Isólfur is our winter surprise. His mother Hríma had not been pregnant for years, but after accompanying our stallion Glampi, she gave birth to Isólfur in the middle of winter. He is currently becoming a riding horse. So far, he appears to be a nice, humorous four-gaiter.
Karlotta vom Südstrand
[female name]

* 23.06.2004
Karlotta is a nice, rather small and petite four-gaited mare with rhythmic tölt. She can be ridden on fast and calm tours and is a leisure horse for rides of any kind.
Kiljan fra Stald Gangvari
[old irish male name]

* 26.0.2008
Kiljan is a big, strong and rather fast five-gaiter, who prefers to tölt.
Kjartan fra Vestmose 1
[male name of celtic origin]

* 16.05.2009
Kjartan is a nice four-gaiter. Since he reacts very sensitively to any changes, he is not suited for changing riders. He joins the tours as leading horse under our guides.
Kórall fra Vestkysten

* 30.06.2014
Kórall is a young and pretty chestnut gelding.
Kristó frá Sveinsstöđum

* 15.06.2007
Kristó is a giant bay four-gaiter, who is very nice in the terrain, but since he is an experienced competition horse, his track is the oval course.
[the fleet-footed, flexible]

* 01.01.1989
Lettir is a very fast, former sport-five-gaiter. He enjoys his retirement, but joins us as guide horse on the tours from time to time, if a very fast leading horse is needed.
Loftfari fra Vestkysten
[storm, he who jumps in the air or rides quickly]

* 27.06.2011
Loftfari is a four-gaited chestnut pinto gelding, who is going to demand a lot from his rider with his extraordinary intelligence. He is currently becoming a riding horse.
Loki fra Kćrvang
[Norse god, Odinn's brother, god of trick]

* 15.06.1988
Loki is a big, strong gelding. We like to call him “professor”, since he is absolutely reliable and bomb-proof. Due to a shoulder injury and proceeding arthrosis in his legs, Loki will spend the rest of his life with us and may spend his retirement on the meadow.
Lokka fra Vestkysten
[Lock of hair]

* 15.06.2013
Lokka is an elegant, chic, four-gaited mare. She has her very own picture of her life.
Lýsa von Adlerhop
[brightness, shining; Whiting (fish)]

* 30.06.2000
Lýsa is a very self-confident and energetic four-gaiter. She is a notedly pretty horse, who can be ridden by nearly any rider, but her tölt is reserved for (tölt-)experienced riders only.
Lýsingur fra Skiveren
[the one who illuminates]

* 22.06.1997
Lýsingur is a big four-gaiter without trot. He has a very calm temperament and is our most reliable horse for all calm tours. Since his movements are rather moderate and he cannot trot, his movements feel very comfortable for the rider. Due to his age and arthrosis in his hind legs he only carries lightweight children.
Máni fra Voervad

* 11.07.1991
Máni is a very steady four-gaiter, who only shows tölt under (tölt-)experienced riders. He is one of our horses with the best education in dressage. Meanwhile, he can forgive mistakes made by beginners and is a reliable horse that carries slightly skilled and lightweight children to the beach.
Mímir fra Vestkysten
[Representative of wisdom]

Mímir is an elegant, big, bay stallion foal.
Minning fra Vestkysten

* 15.05.2017
Minning is a small, dark-chestnut mare foal with natural tölt.
Miska vom Barghof
[dun, darkness]

* 31.05.1996
Miska is a five-gaited mare with an easy-to-ride pace, but she does not trot. She has medium spirit, is very reliable and is a slightly faster horse for the calm tours.
Mjölnir fra Vestkysten
[Thor's hammer]

* 01.07.2010
Mjölnir is a big, elegant young horse with beautiful trot and tölt. Since he is very skeptical, he takes a little longer to build trust.
Molda frá Kýrholti
[name for a dun or buckskin mare]

* 01.01.1992
Molda is our most sought-after children horse, an absolutely reliable horse! The five-gaited mare is mother of plenty, very pretty foals and continues to carry very light children on the tours.
[Father of the night]

Njörfi is a very nice, pretty, big gelding. He can be ridden by nearly anyone, although he still needs some training. So far, he is ridden in three gaits, but he shows tölt in the transitions.
Ofelia vom Birkenbusch
[Hamlet's beloved]

* 24.05.1997
Ofelia is a four-gaited mare, whose tölt can only be ridden by (tölt)experienced riders, but however, her gaits are super comfortable for the rider. She is a popular and often demanded, willing horse for children and beginners on all calm tours – except for beach tours. We also use Ofelia as therapy horse.
Ósk frá Kálfhóli 2
[wish, desire]

* 01.01.1998
Ósk is a small, spirited and rapid mare. All her five gaits have high movements, especially her flying pace is impressive. Unfortunately, she sometimes uses her savvy by trying to be quicker as her rider. She has a precedent career as sport horse.
Pjatla fra Vestkysten

Pjatla is a pretty and elegant, young black pinto mare. On the meadow, she shows all five gaits.
Prinsessa fra Vestkysten

* 11.07.2010
Prinsessa is a big young mare with a lot of tölt. Since she is high spirited, she is a horse for the fast tours.
Sandri fra Tingheden
[male name]

* 09.07.1996
Sandri is a small, but spirited five-gaiter with a clear and rhythmic tölt, good trot and easy-to-ride pace. He is very clever and cheeky, but he always stays safe and reliable. Due to his height he cannot carry tall riders, but he has a lot of fun with adolescents on all calm tours. He had a tendon injury in the past, which is why he cannot be ridden to the beach anymore.

* 15.06.2012
Secret is a young grey mare who is soon going to start her training to become a riding horse.
Sif fra Vestkysten
[The name of the wife of Ţór in nordic mythology]

* 21.06.2014
Síf is a young, nice bay pinto mare with sometimes funny ideas. On the meadow, she shows all five gaits.
Silla frá Eystri-Torfastöđum I
[male and female name]

* 01.01.1995
Silla is a highly sensitive, spirited, five-gaited mare, who has already been German Champion in the kids class. She has been the perfect teacher for good riders and a pure pleasure to ride. Due to a precedent tendon injury she cannot be ridden anymore and enjoys her retirement.
Skjóna von der Grenzhöhe
[name for a skewbald horse]

* 27.05.1994
Skjóna is a very spirited four-gaited mare whose tölt is difficult to ride. Unfortunately she had to suffer an accident on the meadow which caused her tendon to be cut through. Since she is always a little lame since then, she may enjoy her retirement.
Skolli frá Lćn
[fox, devil]

* 20.05.2003
Skolli is a five-gaiter of medium height and medium spirit. He can be ridden by almost any rider without problems. Skolli is a fun horse for all tours, but he is suitable as a nice family horse just as well.
Sleipnir vom Uhlenhof
[Odinn's horse with eight legs, best horse known by gods and men]

* 14.07.1994
Sleipnir is a big, bony five-gaiter without trot, but his tölt is rhythmic and clear up until high speed and his pace is very fast. Due to a former illness he cannot build up muscles anymore. Thus, he looks skinny, but he has a lot of fun with (Icelandic horse) experienced riders on all fast tours through the forest.
Snafs fra Vestkysten

* 24.04.2015
Snafs is a young, very big and nice chestnut pinto gelding.
Snegla frá Efri-ţverá
[the Stubborn]

* 01.01.2006
Snegla is a very willing mare, who seems to be “unbreakable” and would run under her rider until she falls over. Not everybody can handle her spirit.
Sölvdur fra Hřjbo
[female name]

* 31.05.2003
Sölvdur is a four-gaited mare with medium height and medium spirit. After being a breeding mare for many years, she is now a safe tour horse.
Söđulkolla frá Lćkjamóti
[horse skull]

* 15.06.2002
Söđulkolla is a very spirited and fast five-gaited black mare. For good riders, she is a pleasure to ride.
Sprenging fra Vestkysten

* 03.05.2017
Sprenging is a very independent chestnut dun pinto foal.
Stjörnunótt fra Vestkysten
[starry night]

* 31.08.2012
Stjörnunótt is a young black mare and is very likely developing as a five-gaiter. She always wants to learn and is very diligent in her training.
Svana vom Ökoland Rose
[female name, from Svanur "swan"]

* 14.06.2007
Svana is an elegant and pretty chestnut mare. She is a fun horse for adolescents and light-weight adults on the fast tours. Svana is a five-gaiter, but she prefers the trot. If a rider is able to ride her tölt, she is very comfortable with nice movements.
Tilberi fra Vestkysten
[Magic animal; spook]

[the one who sparkles, shines, the dark red one]

* 01.01.2004
Tindra is a small, spirited “running ball”. So far, her tölt has not been discovered. Tindra is a horse for the fast tours with smaller riders. She is a nice and reliable horse to have a lot of fun with, as long as the rider stays soft on the reins. Against rigid riders, she usually resists with success.
Tjaldari fra Vestkysten
[Old term of "tölting horse"]

Tóa fra Vestkysten

* 15.05.2014
Tóa is an elegant, young chestnut mare.
Töfradis fra Vestkysten
[Bewitching, charming + goddess]

* 29.04.2017
Töfradís is a chic and self-confident, five-gaited mare in a very special color. However, she does not agree with her beautiful color at all, which is why she is usually covered with mud all over.
Von fra Klattrup
[hope, expectation]

* 08.05.2005
Von is a small, petite chestnut mare with a lot of spirit. She has fun carrying light-weight riders on the fast tours.
Ýmir fra Vestkysten
[name of a frost giant]

* 21.06.2011
Ymir is a big chestnut dun gelding. So far, he shows four gaits and is about to start his career as a riding horse.
Ţorinn fra Vestkysten
[Courageous, daring]

Ţrumufleygur fra Vestkysten

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