Glampi frá Flögu


Born:1993 in Iceland
Colour:chestnut pinto
Height::140 cm
General impression:8,50


Glampi is a four-gaited stallion with nice fur markings, great charisma and strong legs. He provides an impressive tölt with high and wide movements up to race speed, his swinging trot is fluent with wide strides, his walk is energic but smooth, and his spirited galopp is very convenient.

He is selected for breeding in Iceland, Denmark and Germany and has nearly 100 successful offspring. Like himself, they are especially known from competitions within the sports scene.

He inherits his natural tölt. Also mares with pace tendencies have foals with five clearly separated gaits. Generally, his offspring are very tall and show a spirited while diligent behavior. His foals often have interesting fur colours, which vary conditioned by the mare's colour.

Glampi has a solid character and behaves complimentary and respectful even to children. He is a real gentlemen to his mares and their foals.

Conditions to cover a mare:
- The mares have to be unshod.
- The mares have to be vaccinated: Please submit the vaccination card.
- Submit a valid swab sample, not older than 14 days (only if the mare currently does not have a foal)
- Stabling takes place at owner's risk -- Our suggestion: Insure your mare sufficiently!
- Possibly arising veterinary costs are borne by the owner.
- The stud fee is DKK 4.000,- and has to be paid at the mare's arrival.
- If you want to bring several mares, we make a special offer.

For any further information please feel free to contact us!




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